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AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 19 light it up Luceco’s range of new LED Inspection Lights offers tradesmen, installers and quality inspectors a durable LED work light for any workplace. • A powerful and reliable light source • Lightweight and durable design for easy use • Hands-free use, through magnetic bases, clamps and suspension hooks Part Code Description Lumen Output Wattage Colour Temp. LILT15T65 LED Rechargeable Torch 150lm 1.5W 6500K LILT30R65 LED USB Rechargeable Torch 300lm 3W 6500K LILT45T65 LED USB Rechargeable Torch 450lm 5W 6500K LILW100U65 LED Rechargeable Torch 1000lm 10W 6500K LCWR13G60 Rechargeable Clamp Worklight 1300lm 15W 6000K LMWR10G65 Rechargeable Magnetic Worklight 1000lm 110W 6500K with Inspection Lights LED Rechargeable LUCECO