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AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 19 CROMPTON LED Filament Lamps Crown Silver Energy saving LED Crown Silver Filament lamp that features a silver reflective coating on the envelope. 2700K warm white colour temp. 15,000 hour life. Dimmable. Code Rating Cap Equiv. Lumens 9998 5W ES 40W 470lm Antique Energy efficient LED lamps set in an antique- bronzed glass envelope. Extra warm white 2200K glow, these lamps bring a traditional, cosy feel to any room. 10,000 hours to 15,000 hours life. Dimmable. LED Filament ST64 Antique Bronze Code Rating Cap Equiv. Lumens 4221 5W BC 35W 410lm 4238 5W ES 35W 410lm 4245 7.5W BC 50W 638lm 4252 7.5W ES 50W 638lm LED Filament G80 Antique Bronze 4269 5W BC 35W 410lm 4276 5W ES 35W 410lm LED Filament G95 Antique Bronze 4283 5W BC 35W 410lm 4290 5W ES 35W 410lm LED Spiral Filament ST64 Antique Bronze 6591 6W BC 25W 250lm 6607 6W ES 25W 250lm LED Spiral Filament G80 Antique Bronze 6614 6W BC 25W 250lm 6621 6W ES 25W 250lm LED Spiral Filament Candle Antique Bronze 10642 3.5W SES 15W 150lm LED Thermal Plastic Lamps Energy efficient LED lamps for everyday use. 15,000 hour life. GLS - Non-Dimmable Code Rating Cap Colour Temp. Equiv. 11694 5.5W BC 2700K 40W 11700 5.5W ES 2700K 40W 11717 8.5W BC 2700K 60W 11724 8.5W ES 2700K 60W 11731 8.5W BC 4000K 60W 11748 8.5W ES 4000K 60W 11755 11W BC 2700K 75W 11762 11W ES 2700K 75W 11779 11W BC 4000K 75W 11786 11W ES 4000K 75W 11793 11W BC 6500K 75W 11809 11W ES 6500K 75W 11878 15W BC 2700K 100W 11885 15W ES 2700K 100W GLS - Dimmable 7437 12W BC 2700K 75W 11823 11W ES 2700K 75W 7451 12W BC 4000K 75W 11847 11W ES 4000K 75W 7475 12W BC 6500K 75W 7482 12W ES 6500K 75W 7512 14W BC 2700K 100W 5723 17.5W ES 2700K 100W Candle - Non-Dimmable 11298 5.5W BC 2700K 40W 11304 5.5W SBC 2700K 40W 11311 5.5W ES 2700K 40W 11328 5.5W SES 2700K 40W 6195 5.5W BC 4000K 40W 11342 5.5W ES 4000K 40W 11359 5.5W SES 4000K 40W 11366 5.5W BC 6500K 40W 11373 5.5W ES 6500K 40W 11380 5.5W SES 6500K 40W Round - Non-Dimmable 11496 5.5W BC 2700K 40W 11502 5.5W SBC 2700K 40W 11519 5.5W ES 2700K 40W 11526 5.5W SES 2700K 40W 6225 5.5W BC 4000K 40W 6232 5.5W ES 4000K 40W 6249 5.5W SES 4000K 40W 11564 5.5W BC 6500K 40W 11571 5.5W ES 6500K 40W 11588 5.5W SES 6500K 40W Stick Lamp - Non-Dimmable 11144 7.5W BC 3000K 60W 11151 7.5W ES 3000K 60W LED Filament GLS - Dimmable. Code Rating Cap Equiv. Lumens Clear Pearl 4184 5938 5W BC 40W 470lm 4191 5945 5W ES 40W 470lm 4207 5952 7.5W BC 60W 806lm 4214 5969 7.5W ES 60W 806lm LED Filament Candle - Non-Dimmable. 4436 5976 4W BC 40W 470lm 6157 6164 4W ES 40W 470lm 4443 5983 4W SES 40W 470lm LED Filament Candle - Dimmable. 7130 7178 5W BC 40W 470lm 7147 7185 5W SBC 40W 470lm 7154 7192 5W ES 40W 470lm 7161 7208 5W SES 40W 470lm LED Filament Bent-tip Candle - Dimmable. 12134 - 5W BC 40W 470lm 12141 - 5W SBC 40W 470lm 12158 - 5W ES 40W 470lm 12165 - 5W SES 40W 470lm LED Filament Round - Non-Dimmable. 4450 5990 4W BC 40W 470lm 4467 6003 4W ES 40W 470lm 4474 6010 4W SES 40W 470lm LED Filament Round - Dimmable. 7215 7253 5W BC 40W 470lm 7222 7260 5W SBC 40W 470lm 7239 7277 5W ES 40W 470lm 7246 7284 5W SES 40W 470lm Energy saving LED clear or pearl filament lamps that closely resemble the look and feel of a traditional lamp. 2700K warm white colour temp. 10,000 hour life. Clear and Pearl LED Thermal Plastic Reflector Code Rating Cap Equiv. Beam Angle LED Reflector R39 6638 3.5W SES 30W 120° LED Reflector R50 6645 4.5W SES 42W 120° LED Reflector R63 7307 6W BC 60W 100° 6652 6W ES 60W 100° LED Reflector R80 6669 9.5W ES 75W 100° 2700K warm white colour temp. 20,000 hour life. Non-Dimmable LED Thermal Plastic GU10 SMD Suitable for fire-rated downlights - 38° Beam angle. 15,000 hour life. Non-Dimmable. Code Rating Cap Colour Temp Equiv. 11229 5W GU10 3000K 50W 11236 5W GU10 4000K 50W